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Wenzhou Zhiyou Packaging Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of high-quality drawstring bags for 13 years, with BSCI, NBCU SGS certificates.

Due to the bulk procurement and production of materials, we, as a drawstring bag manufacturer in China, can get a better price advantage. Maybe you can find drawstring bag with cheap price, but the quality should not be as good as ours or the shipping cost is more expensive, we cooperate with many well-known freight forwarders in China, make sure you find the most competitive shipping cost, all from sample making to bulk shipment Information will be provided to you on time.

Wholesale Custom jute drawstring bag Advantage

  • 210D Polyester Drawstring Backpack

    Polyester Drawstring Bags Wholesale

    Polyester is light, strong and durable, not easy to deform, the drawstring bag made of polyester material is cheap, easy to wash and dry, and has good resilience. Polyester drawstring bag is usually paired with screen printing process, thick ink layer, strong three-dimensional sense, not easy to fade.

  • Dust-proof Drawstring Storage Pouch String Bag for Handbags

    Non Woven Drawstring Bag

    Non-woven fabric has the advantages of light weight, moisture-proof, flexible, low price, etc. The drawstring bag made of non-woven fabric usually has a rich color, which can attract the attention of consumers and play a good advertising effect.

  • Cotton Muslin Bags with Custom Logo Cotton Drawstring Bags

    Custom Cotton Drawstring Bags

    Cotton cloth is the most cloth we see in our daily life. The drawstring bag made of cotton cloth feels soft, has good moisture absorption and air permeability, and can play a good dust proof effect.

  • Linen Round Storage Bread Drawstring Bags

    Drawstring bag

    Personalized drawstring bags enhance your presence at trade shows, business meetings or any promotional event. No matter what your budget or requirements are, visit Zhiyou Packing and customize your drawstring bag any way you like.

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